Top 7 Power Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

It is awesome to note that every man must have met with wood works at least once or twice in their life time, but when you want to take upon the professional life of a wood worker, it is a new phase on it won and just like some professions have their own jargons, the only things that a wood worker should have are some basic tools to show that he or she is ready to take upon the best projects that there are around him

It should be noted that what makes a wood worker is not that he or she works with the wood, it is that he has the kind of tools that makes him efficient with the woods that he works with.

One of the basic problems that a wood worker would have when taking upon his wood work is the fact that when he or she does look at the checklist of things that he or she needs to buy, he or she might feel like there is a need to spend a huge ransom to purchase those things, but this is not so with our checklist of the most affordable tools that a woodworker should have.

woodworking power tools

The seven power tools that every wood worker should have

  • Circular saw

This is one of those major tools that every wood worker should have, but the fact is that, just as it is a tool meant for wood workers, it is also a tool used by carpenters and so the major discrepancy that there is with this tool is the fact that many people believe it belongs to one segment of the wood worker and not for both, but that is totally a topic for another day.

The accuracy of the circular saw is such that it can be compared to an actual table saw depending on the cutting board that was used with it. When you do want to start purchasing the tools that you need for your wood working job, it should be noted that the circular saw is the first that should be on your list and the reason is because it would be your next friend as the years go by.

  • Power Drill

The power corded drill is the major deal that a lot of people use in this modern age, and when you want to portray yourself as a wood worker, you had better portray yourself as a modern age professional because this is what would totally fetch you all of the big projects on your list. When you do want to purchase this drill, you should bear it in mind that there are two major kinds of drills and they are the corded and the cordless drill and the corded drill performs more functions as regards the making of drills.

When you do make up your mind to buy this drill, the best bet for you is to make sure that you understand the kind of drills that you would majorly be working on and this would help your decision on what kind of drill to buy

  • Jigsaw

This tool helps you to cut through curved and circular patterns into stocks. The corded saw is the best kind of jigsaw that you need to consider in this class and the reason is because it is easy to use and the blades are easy to change. One thing that you would be dealing with from time to time is the change of the blade of your saw and so you need to make sure that you buy the kind of jigsaw that can be changed easily and can be used for the purpose for which you need it the most

  • Random Orbital Sander

The other kind of sanding tool is efficient but the orbital sander is more efficient and this is because it comes with the kind of round surface that allows you to sand the surface of your wood without creating patterns. The key to the use of this sander is to make sure that the grit that you use is smooth and this would help you to make sure that the surface of your wood is smooth at all times.

  • Table saw

The table saw is regarded as one of the major tools that a wood worker must have. As a matter of fact, when you do become more convenient with the other tools on your list, the next tool that you need to get is the table saw. The table saw is easy to convey around and this is the major reason why so many people go for them. As a matter of fact, even though those saws can be carried around, there are also some table saws that are stationary and so you need to make sure that you make your decision firmly when you do decide to buy your table saw. The features of the table saw is also another thing that you need to check up on

  • Compound Miter Saw

This could be the better option when you have mastered the use of your circular saw. The reason being that the saw is faster and it helps with those kind of cuts as they relate with cutting at angles of stocks.

  • Router:

The router is a must have for every wood worker and the reason is because it helps you to make some other slow precise cuts into their bits. When you do make up your mind to go for a router, you might want to consider the electronic router as it is the more convenient option for you.


When you have all of these tools, then you are set to be a professional. As time goes on, you would realize that you would as a matter of necessity want to get the other tools, but these are the basics for starters

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